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First responders, emergency medical technicians, nurses and paramedics
Tech Medical Services for Events

We supply First Responders, Emergency Medical Technicians, Nurses and Paramedics.

About Us

We are an established media production medical provider with experience in large and small productions, set builds, strike days and promotional events. We understand the expectations and etiquette required of our staff on set and they always perform their duties with care and consideration of this.

We can provide paramedics, emergency medical technicians’, nurses and first responders along with marked and unmarked vehicles and ambulances.

Covid 19

In the current climate we ensure that our staff are always available to spot the early symptoms. Providing and recording temperature checks, wearing and advising on correct PPE, Social Distancing and Regularly Hand Washing to ensure good hygiene practices.

All staff are aware of the most up-to-date Covid 19 guidelines and can provide advice and where appropriate referral to the appropriate pathway for further assessment.

Tech Medical Services Setmedic

Our staff are entirely made up of experienced NHS professionals to give our clients the levels of experience required when dealing with all aspects of treating the public. This also means they’re confident with their skill set and are available to discuss how things may work in a medical setting. 

Why Choose Us?

All our staff …


Are serving NHS experienced professionals


Understand the etiquette of the media industry


Are available at short notice


Are available for short term and long deployments

Tech Medical Services Staff

Our Staff

Tech Medical Services provide all grades of staff …

  • Static medical staff
  • Medical staff on single or double manned ambulance
  • Mobile medical staff on full equipped medical car
  • Remote medics
  • Medical consultancy
  • In shot medics
  • Medical teams for set builds and strike days
  • Production support medics
  • Promotional work.

Standard equipment for all grades is oxygen, defibrillator and fully stocked kit bag.

Tech Medical Services for Events
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